Železný Brod swimming centre

Bohemian Paradise

nábř. Obránců míru
Železný Brod, 468 22

Phone:+420 483 333 999
GSM:+420 721 365 964
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A nice swimming pool with a roller coaster situated at the edge of the town.

The swimming centre with 50 x 25 m and 20 x 12 m pools is situated at the eastern edge of Železný Brod, on the right bank of the Jizera River. The large pool features a 117 m roller coaster, the beaches are grassy, there is also a spacious car park, sanitary facilities, refreshment kiosk, volleyball and netball courts, table tennis and children's corner with a wading pool.

Opening hours

July - August all the days of the week 10:00 - 19:00

Entrance fee

Full entrance fee:50,00 CZK
Children:30,00 CZK
koupaliště, author: IKS ŽB

Type of facility: Outdoor swimming-pool Activities: Children’s swimming pool Other facilities: Refreshments, Children’s corner Sports facilities: Pitches, Table tennis

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