Skiareál Ještěd

Jizera Mountains

Ještědská 50
Liberec, 460 08

GSM:+420 737 222 499
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The Ještěd Ski Resort is a modern skiing centre that has been completely renovated. Besides the cable car and ski lifts you can there also find restaurants and take-aways, ski rental shops with new equipment, a service shop and a ski school for adults and children.

Skiresort Ještěd
  • the most accessible ski resort in the Czech Republic
  • altitude 540-1000 m above sea level.
  • the ski area offers 9.5 km of slopes of all levels, 3 cable cars and 5 ski lifts
  • professional ski school
  • ski and snowboard rental
  • sports accessories shop
  • new: Maxiland Children's Arena - the largest in the Czech Republic
  • self-service restaurant at the ski jumps, kiosk in Pláně
  • transport by tram No. 3 from the center of Liberec to the Skalka cableway station
  • from Prague just 50 minutes drive on the D10 motorway
  • central parking for more than 500 cars


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Opening hours

Winter: according to the current weather and snow conditions Summer: Chairlift Skalka (Saturdays, Sundays, Czech public holidays and school holidays)

Skiareál Ještěd, author: Skiareál Ještěd

Facilities: Snowboard track, Slalom track, Ski school, Ski school, Ski hire, Ski service, Parking, Fast refreshments, Fast refreshments About the area: Artificial snow, Technical maintenance of slope, Night-time skiing, Ski bus

Services and facilities: Parking, WC, Refreshments, Equipment hire, Instructor Sport Cenre Specification: Sports Ground

Ski centres

Two-seat cable car: 1 Four-seat cable car: 2 Cabin cable car: 1

Skiareál Ještěd - Nová Skalka, author: Skiareál Ještěd
Skiareál Ještěd, author: Skiareál Ještěd
Skiareál Ještěd, author: Skiareál Ještěd
Skiareál Ještěd, author: Skiareál Ještěd
Ski areál Ještěd / Pláně, author: SKI areál Ještěd
Plán Ski areálu Ještěd, author: SKI areál Ještěd
Skiareál Ještěd - Kubík Maxiland, author: Skiareál Ještěd
Ski areál Ještěd / sjezdovka F 10, author: Šimon Pikous
Ski areál Ještěd, author: Drahoňovský
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